Nick Diaz Wants Bisping For His Return, Bisping Agree

Ever since he won the Middleweight UFC Championship, Michael Bisping has had no shortage of potential opponents calling him out. Many fighters, from Georges St Pierre to Luke Rockhold, have made their case to be next in line for a shot at Bisping’s newly acquired belt. Notwithstanding, yet another possible challenger has emerged recently, and he looks likely to be a leading contender for a showdown with the champion in the near future.

Recently, Bisping explained that he bumped into Nick Diaz a short while ago, who is currently serving a suspension for a failed drug test at UFC 183. Diaz said that he would relish the prospect of fighting Bisping — but with one condition. Diaz asked for the fight to take place at a 178 catchweight. Given the previous social media trash talking between these two, this is one matchup that most fight fans would not want to miss.


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