Nick Rodriguez & NCAA Wrestler Andrew Tolbert Announced For SubStars Tag Team Tournament

Image Source: Andrew Tolbert via Instagram

Jiu-jitsu may be an individual sport, but more and more promotions are finding ways to incorporate “team” elements into it as well. Now, SubStars has announced their own tag team tournament, and they’ve just released the first team for the event.

ADCC silver medalist and NCAA wrestler Andrew Tolbert will be teaming up to face whoever may stand in their way on November 10. Rodriguez will represent the +175lb half, while Tolbert will take the spot of the -175lb competitor. Tolbert (who also trains in jiu-jitsu) and Rodriguez have been training hard together at Renzo Gracie Academy, so you can be sure that they’ll be ready to take on this challenge together.

The announcement of SubStars’ tag team event (which will be comprised of male and female matches) isn’t the only one that’s hit the jiu-jitsu world this week. 3rd Coast Grappling also announced a unique couples’ tag team match for their event at the end of the year, which will offer the chance for male vs. female grappling if the opportunity presents itself in the match.

The SubStars tag team tournament rules are as follows:

  • 10-minute submission-only matches
  • Teams comprised of two competitors each: one over 175lbs and one under 175lbs
  • Matches will be one-on-one, starting with the -175lb competitors
  • One tag per match, which must be a hand slap
  • Tag transitions are continuous and can be tagged out while in a submission
  • Partner must be on their knees on the outside of the mats and can move around
  • Points are scored by submission
  • If one of the -175lbs competitors gets submitted, their +175lb partner must come in and finish the remaining 10 minutes
  • If both teams have one submission then it goes to two first-to-score overtime rounds lasting 2 minutes each and paired by weight

The SubStars Tag Team Jiu-Jitsu Tournament will take place on November 10 in Miami, Florida.


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