The Number One DOUCHEBAG Move in BJJ


  1. I respectfully disagree. If you’re training people to defend themselves in the street (which i think should be the point), then strikes awareness should be part of the training. Fights in the streets aren’t decided by time limits, points or advantages, so yes, you should keep strikes in mind just as you would need to open your guard when your partner tries to lift you because a lift and slam in a street fight will knock you out or leave you highly injured.

  2. If your jiu jitsu cannot address strikes, there’s something wrong with your jiu jitsu.

    I feel like people who can’t handle mock strikes during grappling are the ones who are insecure. It sounds like they can’t handle that their grappling is being exposed to have holes once striking is involved.

    I suppose the there should be a prior agreement before doing mock strikes, for the sake of decorum or at least so the mindset can be set in place prior to the roll. But calling it the douchiest move shows a big flaw in their training.

    • It’s more about not being a pain-in-the-ass than addressing strikes. This mocking type of psuedo face-punching basically tells me I need to go apeshit on you as soon as I get out of the bad position because guy on top wants to simulate a real fight.


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