Edwin Najmi Comes From Behind To Take The ACBJJ Lightweight Strap

It’s certainly a good night for Romulo Barral’s team, Gracie Barra Northridge! Tonight, at the ACBJJ Grand Prix, two of Rominho’s students are going home with gold.

Gabriel Arges took home the middleweight championship with his knee bar submission over Otavio Sousa, and Edwin Najmi took home the lightweight championship with a stunning, third-round triangle over Marcio Andre.

It didn’t look good for Najmi at first. Andre passed Edwin’s guard twice and jumped to his back, battering Romulo’s student with RNC and bow-and-arrow attempts. Edwin looked surprisingly calm, even though he lost the round,14 to 0.

The second round told a similar tale, with Andre ending the round on top with an arm bar attempt and another 7-0. lead.

By the third round, it was clear that Edwin Najmi either knew he was in trouble, or was just letting his opponent wear himself out. Najmi attacked Marcio, who looked like he was beginning to tire.

Najmi didn’t let his opponent establish any grips, and ruthlessly passed Andre’s guard attempts. Edwin eventually got on his opponent’s back, and when Marcio turned, the Gracie Barra Northridge black belt locked in a triangle and secured his win.

Congratulations to Edwin Najmi and everyone at Gracie Barra Northridge for their spectacular performances!


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