Oh, Sleeper Musician Shane Blay Promoted To Blue Belt On Stage

Image Source: Shane Blay via Instagram

There’s a surprising number of jiu-jitsu practitioners in metal bands, and as of this week, the music genre has another blue belt among its ranks.

A couple of days ago, Nathan Hallford of Sloth BJJ promoted Shane Blay of the band Oh, Sleeper to blue belt, but it wasn’t a traditional promotion at all. Instead, Hallford got right up on the stage with the band and promoted his student right there in front of the audience.

Blay shared the achievement with his fans with a social media post:

“Milestone! Last night I was promoted to blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on stage by my good friend and coach and murderous black belt @slothbjj . A true honor. All my bjj boys that came out and drank all our beer and vodka, you guys are the best seriously.”

Blay has been training for a while now, and from the looks of it, he’s even brought his bandmates onto the mats with him.

Check out the special onstage moment below:


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