Podcast: Nelson Puentes Shares How He Started Inverted Gear, Business Principles & Living BJJ Lifestyle

Two weeks ago, I was inspired by a blog post written by BJJ Black Belt and Inverted Gear Owner/Founder Nelson Puentes. In his blog post, Nelson discussed how he started Inverted Gear as a Purple Belt back in 2012 from his parents’ basement to one of the best kimono companies in the BJJ community. After reading his post, I reached out to Nelson and he was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to come on on the podcast to discuss everything from how he got started in BJJ,living the ideal BJJ lifestyle, the business books that inspired his business philosophies,sponsoring athletes, and most importantly how he started and grew one of the most popular BJJ brands with an awesome Panda logo.

I really wanted to get Nelson on the podcast because I often see questions on internet forums where people ask how they can start or get involved in a BJJ related business. Nelson has shown that it is possible to start a BJJ related business through passion, inspiration, continual learning, hard work, and strong business ethics. While the podcast started with me messing up the introduction by saying he still operated a BJJ school, Nelson was kind enough to correct me and helped turn an awkward situation into a fun and positive conversation. I hope this episode provides a inspiration for BJJ practitioners to go out and pursue their dreams.

I would like to once again thank Nelson for his time. I really enjoyed talking to him and wish him the best!



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