Want to Get Into a Street Fight? There is an App For That!

Do you want to get into a street fight, but you can’t find a willing opponent? Well now there is an app for that. The Rumblr app is the Tinder for street fight hook ups where you can find others who are willing to meet up and throw down. Here is how the app works

Step 1 : Get matched up with others looking for a fight

step 1

Step 2: Arrange a place and time with opponent once you both agree to fight.

step 2

Step 3: Scope out your opponent’s scouting report

step 3

You can also look up fights scheduled to go down in your neighborhood.

step 4

The company is backed by Private American Investors and the app is scheduled to launched for beta testing on November 9th. The app will accept 2,000 accounts for the beta launch phase, but have over 78,000 people who applied to get access to the app.


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