The Pros React To Vagner Rocha’s ‘Spartan Kick’

If you’re a competitive Brazilian jiu-jitsu fan, you’re probably familiar with the ‘Spartan kick’ that cost BJJ black belt Vagner Rocha his decision win over AJ Agazarm.

If you’re not, here it is.



The kick set the Brazilian jiu-jitsu world ablaze, with fans everywhere calling the act disrespectful and demanding Fight To Win Pro CEO Seth Daniels overturn Vagner’s win – which he eventually did.

Needless to say, the pros had their opinion’s on Rocha’s King Leonides impression as well.

Some of them mocked Vagner’s kick, like this “Self defense to self offense” video from Marcelo Garcia black belt Mansher “Munch” Khera.


Self Defense to self offense #thisisnotsparta #harlemworld #freemaxb #heliogracie @flograppling @jiujitsubrasiloficial @grapplersplanet @bjjvideovault @youjitsu @grapplingindustries @bagelwithleglox

Posted by Mansher "Munch" Khera on Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Others were more serious in their criticism.



However, some big names in BJJ were not only critical of Vagner’s actions, but of AJ’s trash-talking.


🇺🇸 About @vagnerrochamartialarts vs AJ. Lots of people criticizing Vagners attitude towards AJ on media today. @vagnerrochamartialarts Is a great person, professor, a family man, and an amazing athlete. I believe respect should be reciprocal and kept the entire time on and off the mats. If you want to keep the fight on the mat so respect your opponent and resolve your differences on the mat, don't run your mouth. I don't really believe on trash talking and being disrespectful for bringing publicity to a fight or for selling tickets. By any means I agree with Vagners Attitude, BUT, I don't agree as well with all the TAlking AJ did through out the entire preparation for the fight. If want to talk to trash to a man, u better be prepared to handle the consequences. It's not the first time AJ get slapped on the face, he has caused trouble in many other events before (polares, Metamoris, …) If there are multiple incidents with the same person we have to evaluate better what has been happening. #teamfightsports 🇧🇷 Sobre @vagnerrochamartialarts vs AJ. Muitas pessoas que criticam a atitude do Vagner contra o AJ na mídia hoje. @vagnerrochamartialarts é uma grande pessoa, professor, um homem de família e um atleta incrível. Eu acredito que o respeito deve ser recíproco e mantido todo o tempo dentro e fora do tatame. Se você quiser manter a luta no tatame, assim respeite o adversário e resolva suas diferenças no tatame , nao abra a boca Pra Falar besteira. Eu realmente não Acredito em ser disrespeitoso e falastrão para trazer publicidade para uma luta ou para a venda de bilhetes. De forma alguma, concordo com a atitude do vagner, mas, eu não concordo, bem como com toda a conversa fiada que o AJ fez através de toda a preparação para a luta. Se quiser falar besteira para um homem, melhor estar preparado para lidar com as consequências. Não é a primeira vez que AJ leva um tapa no rosto, ele tem causado problemas em muitos outros eventos antes (Polares, Metamoris, …) Se há vários incidentes com a mesma pessoa, temos de avaliar melhor o que vem acontecendo. #teamfightsports

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Regarding Vagner Rocha Spartan kicking AJ.Do I understand? Yes.Do I agree with doing it in the middle of a Jiu-Jitsu…

Posted by Tom DeBlass on Tuesday, October 4, 2016


And then there was Garry Tonon, who said that he would not have wanted Vagner to be disqualified if he were in AJ’s shoes.


Hahah my opinion on DQ's, for me as a competitor, I would pretty much never want my opponents to be dqed because that deprives me of the chance to choke their sorry asses in response to their transgressions. Should they be penalized when points are involved? yes. should it be considered in a judges decision? Yes. Also you have to understand in professional entertainment based events you can't just dq people unless something really shitty happens or someone gets seriously injured, too much money stands to be lost. @Regrann from @flograppling – AJ Agazarm and Vagner Rocha met last night at @f2wpro and this was the result – we've got the full match coming to our site soon. What do you think should have happened after this incident? #Regrann

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