Rafael dos Anjos Open To Fight Robbie Lawler UFC 200

Rafael Dos Anjos is aching to fight, and he’s willing to do it at a higher weight class if necessary. He is currently recognized as the UFC lightweight champion and was supposed to go head-to-head with Conor McGregor in UFC 197. However, a foot injury prevented the highly anticipated match from happening.

Interview With MMA Hour:

“I’m ready to fight right now but I have my foot injury. So I have a lot of energy, I want to do stuff, but I can’t yet. But it’s fine. I’m going to be back in four or five weeks. I’m up for UFC 200. I don’t know the UFC’s plans, but I’m here, man, I’m here to fight anybody. I’ll fight welterweight too, if they need. I respect Robbie Lawler, but if UFC needs somebody to fight for the welterweight (title), I would fight.”

Instead, McGregor opted to fight Nate Diaz at the last minute in the welterweight class. Everyone has just seen McGregor losing by rear naked choke in that fight. Apparently, dos Anjos is unfazed by this cautionary tale. He says that he is willing to step up to welterweight himself and go against the champ Robbie Lawler.

In his recent interview with MMA Hour, he said that he is ready to fight and brimming with energy. However, he is trying to do the right thing by resting his broken foot. He should be able to go back to the gym within 4 or 5 weeks. If so, then he can potentially he included in a blockbuster lineup for UFC 200.


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