Road to Metamoris: Final Episode Recap and Who Faces Jeff Monson

The final episode of Road to Metamoris is now out.

In this final episode, all of the previous group winners were put against each other to see who the best of the best was. In case you forgot, here are the previous winners:

  1. Joseph “Moku” Kahawai (Brown Belt)
  2. Karl Albrektsson (Catch-Wrestling from CSW)
  3. Jimmy Fredriech (Purple Belt)
  4. Matt Garber (Brown Belt)

With that, here are how the matches went:

Match #1: Karl Albrektsson vs Matt Garber

  • Karl quickly gets the foot sweep and lands in top half.
  • Matt bumps and rolls into the turtle position.
  • Karl moves to a front headlock, Matt pulls half.
  • Karl passes, Matt turtles, and Karl drives him over and takes mount.
  • Matt regains half, Karl attempts an americana, but Matt defends with lockdown and by hold Karl’s arm behind his head.
  • Karl moves to side control, Matt turtles and once again pulls half.
  • Karl attempts a spin-around kneebar but fails.
  • Matt back to being stuck in turtle.
  • Karl attempts a crucifix, but gives up position.
  • Karls stands to escape, Matt pulls half again.
  • Karl attempts to submit, but is unable to before time runs out.


Karl vs Matt

Match #2: Joseph “Moku” Kahawai vs Jimmy Friedrich

  • Jimmy sits guard, Moku enters his half guard.
  • Jimmy goes for a reverse heel-hook, Moku escapes and attempts a straight ankle lock, but Jimmy defends.
  • Moku back to his feet while Jimmy pulls half again.
  • Jimmy immediately sweeps to a kneebar, transitions to a toe-hold, to a heel hook, to a reverse heel hook and getting the tap.

RESULT: Jimmy via Reverse Heel Hook (Moku is injured, and unable to continue competing).

Jimmy vs Moku

Match #3: Karl Albrektsson vs Jimmy Friedrich

  • Jimmy sits guard and Karl enters his half.
  • Jimmy attempts to sweep to a kneebar, Karl stands and escapes by dragging himself out of bounds.
  • They reset in the center with Karl in Jimmy’s guard.
  • Jimmy plays between a knee shield and a butterfly hook to prevent the pass.
  • Jimmy once again sweeps for a kneebar, Karl hops his way out and immediately jumps back into Jimmy’s half guard.
  • Jimmy inverts for yet another knee bar, this time with success.

RESULT: Jimmy via Kneebar.

Jimmy vs Karl

Match #4: Matt Garber vs Adam Wheeler

Adam was the only previous competitor to not be submitted. He fills in for Moku.

  • Matt pulls guard, Adam pressure passes.
  • Matt regains half, but Adam passes to mount.
  • Matt bridges and escapes to turtle.
  • Adam rushes around to the front for an arm-in guillotine.

RESULT: Adam via Guillotine

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 3.42.15 PM

And with that, Jimmy Friedrich becomes the most winning competitor of the first season of Road to Metamoris. He will be the one to face Jeff Monson at the next Metamoris event.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 3.44.55 PM


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