Jon Jones Manager: He May Never Return To MMA

After being suspended from MMA following an arrest involving a felony conviction, MMA fighter Jon Jones was suspended indefinitely from the MMA. However, the suspension was recently lifted, enabling Jones to return, yet the fighter has not budged. In fact, Jon Jones may never return to MMA at all.

Jon Jones told MMA Fighting that he may just focus on himself and do whatever necessary to make himself feel happy and fulfilled. The MMA fighter was arrested after reportedly fleeing the scene on-foot, after being involved in a car accident that broke the arm of a pregnant woman. Evidently Jones was driving a rental vehicle at the time, and he failed to stop at a red light, causing the collision.

After attending a hearing at a New Mexico court, Jones posted bond and was able to be freed. Jones was scheduled to fight Anthony Johnson at an MMA fight in Las Vegas on May 23, 2015. After Jon Jones was charged with the felony involving the car accident, however, another fighter was chose to take the place of Jones, as Jones was stripped of his heavy weight title and suspended indefinitely.

Daniel Cormier, the MMA fighter that was chosen to taken Jones’ place is a known long-time rival of Jones. Fans and MMA personnel are not sure exactly why Jones is contemplating never returning to fighting, since Jones wouldn’t say. Jones’ manager did say that if Jon does return to MMA fighting that it will be because he truly desires to do so and not because he feels pressured into doing so or because he wants to fight Cormier.

Since no one is sure whether the former heavyweight MMA fighter will return to the ring, all fans and MMA fighters and personnel must simply sit back and wait and see what Jones decides to do.


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