Ronda Rousey: Fighters Are ‘A Lot More Dangerous’ Than Males In The Octagon

In a recent interview with LA Times, Ronda Rousey explains why female fighters are ‘a lot more dangerous’ than males. She goes on to mention that women are less predictable in the octagon due to inexperience. The lack of fighting experience compared to the longest tenured males apparently makes women respond different during fights. For instance, a female fighter might respond to a strike or grapple in a way that’s far different from how a male fighter would respond.

It’s an argument that makes sense to some degree, but there are plenty of flaws here. Of course, someone with less experience may be more reckless rather than dangerous than someone with more experience. Rousey is an incredibly talented fighter, and her words do deserve some consideration. The average fighter would consider the most dangerous fighter the one with the most experience and fastest reflexes, though. In fact, we’d pick the more experienced fighter nine times out of 10, too.

“A lot of these girls, since they’re not very structured, they’ll do reactions that don’t make sense,Sometimes it makes it a lot more difficult. A lot of these women fighters are a lot more dangerous than the guys. They’re less structured because they’re newer in the sport. They throw things out of nowhere.”


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