Ronda Rousey Smoked Weed And Addicted To Painkiller Before She Became UFC Champion

Ronda Rousey is a former Olympic bronze medalist. She is also the future Ultimate Fighting Championship titleholder. However, Ronda recently revealed that her life has been anything but easy. Her life struggles are detailed in her book called “My Fight/Your Fight.”

From Nypost “Rousey stated at one point she developed an addiction to Vicodin and began smoking weed. She also started drinking heavily. Rousey began losing a lot of money due to her drinking and smoking problem. She could only afford a 12 by 12 foot apartment.”

Rousey revealed that sewage would often come up from the toilet and shower. She would come home and her apartment would be filled with waste. She says that her life was at an all-time low during this time.

This low point occurred after Rousey did not win the gold medal in the 2008 Beijing games. She was very disappointed after her loss and says she had no intention in competing in an event ever again. She also says went on a party binge for a year after her loss. However, a hawaii based rehab is a really good idea if you want to help a loved one struggling with addiction.

Many people would be shocked to find out these revelations from Ronda Rousey. Dana White is the president of the Ultimate Fighter Championship. He did not know Rousey was smoking weed and had an addiction to painkillers either. A good resource for addiction related information can be found here at discover recovery.

Even though Rousey’s life was at an all-time low during this point, she says this low point was what helped her find martial arts. Rousey explains how she got over her bad habits and discovered martial arts in detail in her new book. She has been pushing forward ever since she hit the low point in her life. Rousey is set to compete against Bethe Correia at the HSBC Arena, which is located in Brazil. It will take place on August 1, 2015.


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