Royce Gracie: My Father Wouldn’t Tell People What To Do, He Will Get Up And Do it Himself

Photo: breitbart

Brazil does not celebrate Father’s Day until it is the Sunday after the first in August. For Royce Gracie, however, every day, including the day that Breitbart Sports caught up with him, which was earlier this year, seems to be a good time for him to honor his father. Gracie appeared to be very protective of his father’s name during the appearance for the Bellator MMA in Bristol. That was when the man heard that Brazilian jiu jitsu was spoken and then made the point to say Gracie jiu-jitsu.

Helio Gracie lived a total of 95 years, fathered nine children, and became one of the world’s most popular martial arts legends. Royce Gracie, who was the UFC’s inaugural champion, was told that his father was still rolling on the mat even up into his nineties, holding his own against much younger men. His skills were what misled observers into marveling at his speed and strength. He was not just a fast fighter, he was a smart one, his son had son. He had the perfect timing and knew when to use the perfect leverage to his advantage. He set the standard for what all other professionals should aspire to do.

Children always do what their parents do, but not always what they say. Helio Gracie understood this and always took the right approach towards his parenting. He made sure to avoid drinking and smoking so that his children would not follow in his bad example. What he did do instead was train. The fit Royce Gracie appeared a decade younger than many of his opponents, and he always always dedicated to clean living. He made sure that his children knew how to lead healthy lives and made sure to always put the right path before them.


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