Royce Gracie On Eddie Bravo: “I can never send my kid to someone that praises alcohol and drugs”

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I haven’t got any offers, but I don’t compete in grappling rules,” Gracie said of facing Bravo at a Metamoris event. “I’m a MMA fighter, man. I’m a MMA fighter, all the way.”

“I’m pretty much done fighting,” he added. “With Eddie Bravo, it’s personal. … (Does Metamoris) allow punches to the face? Do this rubber guard stuff and I’ll punch you in the nose.”

Royce Gracie’s history with Bravo has nothing to do with his win over Royler Gracie or his grappling style, which goes against everything that the Gracie family has taught for decades.

“You’re gonna send your kids to learn from a guy that tells everybody that it’s okay to do drugs? It’s ok to drink alcohol? Sorry, man,” Gracie explained. “If you wanna do it in private, do it in private. I have no problem with that. But I can never send my kid to someone that praises alcohol and PSYCHEDELIC DRUGS. Is that what you want your kids to learn? It’s okay to smoke pot? ‘Oh, pot is not a drug.’ So walk into a police station with a pound of pot and tell the cops it’s not a drug. Come on


  1. not saying eddie bravo is right in any sense, but isn't it kind of hypocritical of royce to call out eddie on drugs when he himself used steroids which are waaaaaaaaay more dangerous than weed?

  2. i love royce but hes still ignorant on the subject of weed hes an old school mind an they are stuck on their ways not facts or science … not taking anything away from royce hes the best ever and i truly admire him. He is correct on Bravo bragging about it, he should of keep it private and have more respect as a teacher basically towards himself.


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