The Renowned ADCC Championship

Abu Dhabi Combat Club, Submission Wrestling World Championship

For many people, jiu jitsu can mean a wide variety of different things. It can be a way of life, or it can be a way to test yourself against others. It can be a way to lose weight and get in better physical shape, or it can be an approach to building confidence and commitment. No matter what the reasons, there are always those who strive to excel in the field, ensuring that they have the chance to meet others and compete against them in a larger way. One of these events and gatherings is known as the Abu Dhabi Combat Club, which is abbreviated as the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship.

This one of the most elite and exclusive, invitation only competitions where only the best of the best will have the chance to fight others in the field. It is one of the closest things that the world will see when it comes to a no holds barred tournament. Individuals from all over the world will be brought to the event in order to compete against others, all for the ultimate championship. It seems like it is something out of a martial arts movie, but the truth is that this is one of the most prestigious events that could have ever been arranged for the sport.

The creator of the sport, and the individual who had played the largest role as the sponsor, is Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed al Nahyan, who is the half brother of the president of the United Arab Emirates. He is a part owner of the entire UFC and has sponsored a wide variety of different tournaments in the world of Brazilian jiu jitsu. He is also a black belt in BJJ and is someone who constantly trains to better himself. He is renowned in the fighting world as an individual who loves and understands the sport, and it is not unusual to see why he would use his tremendous wealth to organize such an event.

A very large group of competitors in all types of submission grappling will be invited to partake in the ADCCs. The weight class championships are particularly respected and diverse, and there are numerous different competitors that will be testing their skills against each other. These include professional wrestlers, judo players, Sambo competitors, and many others, each of whom are preparing to fight and win in the competition. All of these highly trained professionals will strive to honor themselves and their families through their practice in the field. All of the competitors will be able to practice their skills in a comfortable environment and take their lessons to the arena in whatever clothes they want. During the early, developmental days of the tournament, many of the rules were established in a much more wrestler friendly environment, where stalling was a common tactic. Now, with so many changes in the rules and structure of the tournament, professionals will need to do their best in order to achieve victory against their opponents.



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