Russian MMA Fighter Heel Hooks Himself, Loses Fight

In a recent MMA bout for Russia’s ARENA promotion, fighter Muyasar Abutrobov seemed to be on his way to securing a victory but rolled onto his opponent’s leg and accidentally heel-hooked himself. Ouch.

Abutrov was making his debut against Magomed Gadzhiev (1-0). The pair had a good scrap and showed a lot of technical skills, but the real highlight came out of the absurd mishap in the final seconds of round 1. 

Abutrov had Gadzhiev against the cage and saw an opportunity to roll for a kneebar, but his body rolled through while his heel got caught on the inside of Gadzhiev’s calf with his toes caught under his own forearm. It’s a weird position, but the torque on his knee was obvious and almost tough to watch. He didn’t tap, but he was unable to continue and ultimately was unable to walk out of the cage on his own.

The event was posted on YouTube and the entire fight can be watched below:


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