Stepping off the Mats: Top Ten

You’ve just finished training. Class is done, or you’re waiting for session number 2! Puddles of sweat everywhere, your Gi is soaked, and the air… Well, let’s just say after a hard session it’s not flowers and rainbows! Everyone has their own routine they follow, and after writing the article regarding Gi and training apparel being CLEAN, I thought it would be interesting to see what those routines consist of. And so, here are the TopTen of what happens after people finish that class or two…

  1. * Bow off the mat! I can’t tell you how many people forget. Some schools aren’t as traditional, but bow off and on the mats!
  2. * Slip on the sandals and grab my water. Even if people don’t have sandals, man throw on your sneakers or socks or something!
  3. * Water! I make sure to drink a lot of water. Otherwise I tend to get horrible headaches.
  4. * I always change out of my training clothes ASAP! Aside from stinking, they’re soaking wet.
  5. * Wash my face and hands! I keep wipes in my locker… It’s just good hygiene.
  6. * We tend to stick around and review, but I grab a dry shirt at least… Wash my hands.
  7. * I just freshen up. If I’m not doing double sessions I’ll change and take my stuff home to wash.
  8. * Everything goes in the washer immediately once I get home! Laundry day? Every day is laundry day with jiu-jitsu!
  9. * I take notes, ask questions if I need anything clarified, and have someone go over technique I’m not clear on.
  10. * Thank everyone for their time & help! Especially professors and higher belts.


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