Submission Series Pro: Looking Into 2017 With Optimism And MAJOR Plans


Those crazy Canadians are back at it again.  Derek “Cat” Clarke is putting together a lineup of events under his event production company Submission Series Pro that are sure to take 2017 by storm.  I had an opportunity to chat with Cat about his monumental plans for this year, and I am excited to see which stars will be born, which matchups will be had, and which heels will be hooked.

I was interested to learn that Submission Series Pro will be undergoing a major expansion this year; the tentative event calendar looks AMAZING!

Their first event will take place TOMORROW, Saturday 2/18/2017.  It will feature Tristar grappling phenom Ethan Crelinsten who is coming off of his big wins at the Jiu Jitsu Kumite in Texas.  You can buy the pay-per-view here for 12$ (Canadian):

The concept of Sub Series Pro was to elevate the sport – we are in a town of 2000 people and have reached fans in 50 countries that follow us on social media – it’s an amazing thing.  We focus on the family atmosphere and respect of the art – respect of the people and treating grapplers like customers – they are what moves the sport and we realized that after a while – everyone just wants to compete.

We started in late 2014 with the pro vs. Joe concept – first people to do that concept and then others took it on and made it huge and amazing for everyone – which is the ultimate goal – for everyone to enjoy the sport.  Even myself – I get caught up in the bullshit and let my ego get the best of me – this sport humbles you in more ways than one…but it needs to be respected.

There is now a proper business manager instead of me doing absolutely everything.  This means he will run the business i.e.: no more paying guys 2000 USD to come and stall for 15 minutes.

I have to start making better business decisions and focus more on our brand in Canada instead of globally – we are the #1 respected Canadian brand for PPV and professional shows, and I believe top 5 in the world BUT, you have to focus on what you are good at, instead of what others are doing and that is something I struggle with.

The lineups are getting better with each event, but that’s just the start of Cat’s crazy plans for 2016.

No-one knows it yet but the show in Toronto will be our first themed show… it will be 80’s themed.  And then we are going to do a 70’s themed, and then other themes…  So athletes will be able to actually dress 80’s style – not mandatory but requested staged and everything will be dressed as 80’s graphics!  I’m also going to also do a brand bracket.  16 gi companies will send representatives to compete – I’ll put the purse up – they put a gi up – winner takes all but each competitor has to be someone in the company representing the brand, maybe an owner, maybe someone in the company.  We are looking at tag team matches as well – in a different format. 

How cool would it be to watch the owners of Shoyoroll and Gameness duke it out on the mat?!

The schedule of events for Submission Series Pro is impressive this year:

“February 18th – 19th – (annual) Nova Scotia Open Nova Scotia, Canada
Full NOGI / GI Tournament with a PPV show at night featuring Ethan Crelinsten, Frank Adam, Patrick Beaudoin, Jon Cobb, Josh Presley (our commentator) and Max Li. Smaller type show due to the massive tournament on both days will be on PPV with same amazing quality as usual in 1080 p and no delays, no issues and no excuses for $11.99 plus taxes and fee
Winner takes home $1000 bucks and a new watch from our sponsors at

May 6th – West Coast Chokes -Edmonton, Alberta

First of our new “Sub is the Mission” tournaments; we will charge an $80 entry fee to compete in a 16 man sub only NOGI bracket of your weight (5 male brackets, 3 female) – winner of each bracket will take home $500 and a beautiful gear package from our sponsors; AND quality for the final 16 man bracket at night – LIVE on PPV for another $1000 and a watch from our sponsors at Top 3 males move on from every bracket with a surprise entry from every area that will be brought in to compete in the PPV bracket Tom DeBlass will be in town for a seminar on the Sunday and Nick the Tooth will also be in town, these two will be commentating the live Pay Per View show with a local black belt

May 25th – New Brunswick Open – Fredericton , New Brunswick Canada

Full GI Tournament – IBJJF Rules

June – Date TBA

“Sub is the Mission” tournament

July 30th (annual) Chokes by the Ocean – Pictou, Nova Scotia Canada

Full No GI outdoor tournament beside the Ocean with a full PPV show at night – the 2nd edition of the Canadian Kumite – featuring the names below in an absolute NOGI division Ezra Lenon – Missouri, USA Hector Lombard – Florida, USA Travis Conley – Missouri, USA Jesse Gough – Ontario, Canada Bruce Miano – Ontario, Canada Dom Hoskins – Colorado, USA Dana Dickeson – New Brunswick, Canada Eric Andre – Saskatoon, Canada Nathan Dos Santos – Ontario, Canada Michael Hillebrand – California, USA Jaret MacIntosh – Nova Scotia, Canada David Garmo – Michigan, USA Oliver Taza – Quebec, Canada Carl Fagnant – Quebec, Canada Jason Hayden – Georgia ,USA Michael Sheehan – Ontario, Canada

August 12th – Chokes: The Rock – St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada

Full NOGI tournament with a live PPV at night with athletes like Sean Applegate confirmed so far.”


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