Technique Thursday: Sambo Snap Down

Like all grappling arts, Sambo brings its own unique twist to the way it does things. In the USSR, sport Sambo allows for throws and leg locks, while making chokes illegal. However, Freestyle Sambo (made by the American Sambo Association) allows for chokes along with the throws and leg locks. Sambo was originally created for the Russian army by combining Judo with a number of wrestling styles.

In today’s video, we are treated to a unique snap down that is referred to as the “arm drop throw”. In wrestling, a snap down usually involves pulling on an opponent’s head to move them into a front headlock position. This snap down, however, involves a quick tug on the arm and a drop to the mat. The set up is simple, and the arm drop falls right into place for you. Check it out, and see if it fits your game.

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