Colleen Schneider Turns to Crowd Funding to Represent Team USA

It’s no secret that more and more artists are turning to crowd funding campaigns to support their projects. One of those artists who raised the most awareness over crowd funding was Amanda Palmer just a couple years back. Since then, movie producers, musicians, authors, even game developers have turned to crowd funding to get their projects off the ground when no major company would take their work.

But what about MMA? Or for that matter, wrestling? Colleen Schneider has recently turned to IndieGoGo in order to raise funds for her competition in Hungary. She qualified to be part of Team USA, however, the trip is self-funded. As such, she has begun a project that can be donated to HERE.

This is relatively unheard of for an MMA fighter. Will it work? Time will tell. In the meantime, it couldn’t hurt to make it happen and open a new avenue for MMA fighters around the world who would otherwise be unable to compete.


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