Teen Brian Ortega Was A Gentleman And A Savage

Sure, you might be a gentleman. But are you a put-a-guy’s-mouthguard-back-in-for-him-while-choking-him gentleman?  

UFC fans will soon find out whether undefeated featherweight Brian Ortega can keep his winning streak going at tonight’s UFC 231 main event against Max Holloway. In the meantime, here’s a vintage clip that shows Ortega’s “class act” status has been certifiable since way before Dana White came calling. 

Then a 17-year-old fighting out of Gracie Academy, this one from the Brian Ortega Vaults is 9 minutes of future fight phenom foreshadowing…with a brief pause at 8:03 to showcase the definition of good sportsmanship. As Ortega’s submitting his opponent at the Pankration Championship in 2008, the opponent’s mouthguard goes tumbling to the mats. Still in top mount, Ortega breaks from sinking a triangle and gently, even lovingly, put the fighter’s dental protection back in before proceeding with his victorious pummeling. 

No wonder people like this guy: 


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