Black Belt Gets Promoted From “Step Dad” to “Dad”

Not a choke.

Damn onions. 

It’s been a tough week in news, so we don’t mind resharing this vintage feelgood video of a black belt reacting to one of the most epic promotions any man can receive now that it’s making the rounds again. 

Jay Pages has seen more than a few grapplers break down the as they win gold, land the promotion they’ve worked for, or felt that ligament they love so much finally snap. (RIP, ACL.) Personally, his own emotional breaking point was the moment his step daughter presented him with the papers that meant he would legally be her father…a moment that has been viewed by over 24 million people since it made it onto the internet two years ago.

Warm your cold, dead heart with this one:

Daughter Surprises Step-Dad With Adoption Papers

His reaction is incredible!

Posted by LADbible on Saturday, December 3, 2016


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