The Grappler’s Holiday Gift Shopping Guide: 5 Fantastic Small Jiu-Jitu Brands to Buy From

Got a jiu-jitsu aficionado in your life to shop for this holiday season, but unsure where to start? Check out five amazing small businesses that might not be on your radar – but will provide the grappler in your life with some delightful – and very practical – jiu-jitsu themed gifts on a reasonable budget. 

  1.  Hooks

This Australian gear company is lesser-known in North America, but thankfully ships all over the world. Even with international shipping costs factored in, Hooks combines super affordable pricing with some high quality items: a match made in heaven for any discerning would-be Santa. 

Our recommended wish list items include the Synergy style shorts, which are made in a lightweight unisex fit, featuring convenient internal drawstrings and no velcro.

  1.  Gaidama

If you’ve got a lady in your life who loves jiu-jitsu, Gaidama should be your first stop when shopping for her. Created by female grapplers, for female grapplers, this woman-owned BJJ brand stocks jiu-jitsu apparel designed specifically to elevate both style and function for women on the mat.

Our recommended wish list items include the brand’s first ever IBJJF ranked sets from the new Art Wear catalog, the winter active apparel line, and stocking stuffers like special post-training soap and hand-mixed, Epsom salt-infused recovery bath soaks offered in partnership with fellow woman-owned BJJ brand Luxury Shack

  1.  Tap Cancer Out

While Tap Cancer Out may be best-known as a charity tournament, TCO’s also got  its own branded apparel and gear shop, under the fitting moniker of “gear that gives back.” In addition to creating sleek, high-quality items, proceeds from your purchases help fund TCO’s fight against cancer: a win-win for all parties. 

Our recommended wish list items include TCO’s brand new “Fight Back” rash guard, designed in collaboration with Half Sumo. Show your solidarity with cancer survivors with a design meant to represent strength amidst struggle. 

  1.  NU/FX

Give the holiday gift of sustainability, while supporting a great cause! NU/FX is a unique upcycling service that turns your old BJJ gi into new gym bags, and old T-shirts into beautiful quilt designs, all created by refugee women in the Houston area who are trained in industrial sewing and provided with living wages and flexible hours. 

Our recommended wish list items include the brand’s signature gi bag, available in multiple designs, including both backpacks and duffel bags

  1.  Maverick Rose Creations

Owned and operated by BJJ purple belt competitor and amateur MMA fighter Paeton Olejniczak, Maverick Rose Creations offers everything from MMA-themed wall art to custom keychain designs.

Our recommended wish list items include these super fun buildable BJJ belt keychains, which allows the recipient to add stripes, as they progress along their personal jiu-jitsu journey. 


6.  Roll Forever

Created by IBJJF master’s world champion Betty Broadhurst, Roll Forever has a simple mission: making jiu-jitsu accessible to everyone via seminars, sponsorships, and more. Additionally, however, they also run an official shop that stocks high-quality training gear and apparel, as worn by the likes of Ethan Crelinsten, Brianna Ste-Marie, Oliver Taza, and more of your favorite athletes! 

Our recommended wish list items include Roll Forever’s Infinity no-gi shorts. The brainchild of four of the brand’s sponsored athletes, these plain black shorts combine elegance and simplicity, and pair easily with any rash guard, both in and out of IBJJF uniform. 

As an extra gift in the holiday spirit, treat yourself to10% off by using a discount code from any of Roll Forever’s sponsored athletes: 









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