The Kimura Lock – A Mini Tutorial

Named after the legendary judoka from Japan, Masahiko Kimura, the bent armlock or double wrist lock (as catch wrestlers call it) has been around since the earliest grapplers. I would wager that there is a cave painting somewhere with a Neanderthal doing a Kimura on another Neanderthal!

The Kimura is not only a submission, but a position used to control an opponent.

You can attack the Kimura from many different ground positions, top and bottom.

Jiu-jitsu Times published an article on the standing Kimura attack : The Kimura – 5 Standing Attack Videos

The Kimura – 5 Standing Attack Videos

Now let’s take the fight to the mat and see some other variations.

1) First of all, let’s understand the details of the Kimura grip.

Grapplearts Stephan Kesting explains how and why we grip the opponent’s wrist.

2) Kimura from the Guard
This is where most of us first learn to attack the Kimura. Rener Gracie shows you some great details on how to attack the Kimura when your opponent places his or her hands on the mat.

3) Kimura from Side Control
Marcus Soares is an 8th degree black belt from Carlson Gracie, one of the most experienced instructors in the world.

Prof. Soares has a super tight Kimura attack from the side and shows how he isolates the arm and secures the Kimura.

4) Kimura Grip Control and Choke combination attacks
When you attack the Kimura, your opponent will likely defend by grabbing his or her own belt.

Kris Kim of Bjj Joe shows how to deal with that grip defense. Great techniques!

5) Kimura Grip Arm bar
If you can’t break your opponent’s defensive grip, you can always transition to a straight arm bar.

Jeremy Arel shows how he attacks with the arm lock.

This opportunity comes up often in rolling!

* Bonus: Check out an advanced Kimura to armlock by Keenan Cornelius
Keenan Cornelius – Advanced Spinning Arm bar from Guard

You should also read On Jiu-jitsu Times : The Bullfighter / Toreando Guard Pass – 4 Videos

The Bullfighter / Toreando Guard Pass – 4 Video Tutorial


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