Thiago Silva and Anthony Johnson Cut from UFC

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Despite Dana White previously claiming that Thiago Silva would never fight in the UFC again, he was reinstated shortly after all charges against him were dropped in his domestic violence incident.

However, his ex-wife, Thaysa Kamiji, released some videos on youtube that led the UFC to cut him once again.

Anthony Johnson was also cut today based on allegations of domestic violence. The UFC claims to be using a third party legal team to investigate the Johnson claims.

Following are the videos released by Silva’s ex-wife.

EDIT: Here is a full translation of the audio, also from

Thiago Silva: Why did you call the police, honey? I didn’t do anything. Why are you filming me?
Thiago Silva: Honey, why are you doing this? Tell me.
Thaysa Kamiji: Can you leave the kitchen? I’m making food. Get out of the house.
Thiago Silva: Why did you do this?
Thaysa Kamiji: Get out of the house. Get out of the house. I don’t want a junkie in my house.
Thaysa Kamiji: Thiago, stop looking at me like that. Give me the gun, please. I’m here.
Thiago Silva: So turn off that camera. I know you’re hiding someone upstairs. You think I’m a fool?
Thaysa Kamiji: (Hiding) who, Thiago?
Thiago Silva: I’m not an idiot. Honey, you’re putting this light in my face so I can’t see anything. Get this thing off of
Thaysa Kamiji: No, Thiago. Because if I do, this is proof.
Thiago Silva: Proof of what? You’re not going to die. You’re lying. Someone’s here and will do something, I’m not na idiot.
Thaysa Kamiji: Thiago, one day you’ll kill me because of this addiction.
Thiago Silva: I won’t kill you, and you’re doing something inside (this house).
Thaysa Kamiji: Doing what, Thiago?
Thiago Silva: You called someone here, Thaysa. I know. I’m not an idiot.
Thaysa Kamiji: I didn’t call anyone here. Thiago, it’s you. I’m filming you.
Thiago Silva: Why are you doing this?
Thaysa Kamiji: So when you’re normal, you can see what you did. You grabbed a gun.
Thiago Silva: I didn’t do anything. Stop, Thaysa, stop lying.
Thaysa Kamiji: Lie? You just grabbed a gun with your hand.
Thiago Silva: I have it on my pocket. I didn’t do anything.



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