This Fighter Left MMA To Fight Slavery In Africa!

Justin Wren found success as an MMA fighter years ago. Unfortunately, his success led to drug abuse and a battle with depression. Wren felt, at the time, that he wasn’t fulfilling his life’s purpose. The successful fighter desired something more, and something more came to him in a vision. Of course, most people might consider it strange to follow a vision. Wren saw himself assisting the Pygmy people in the Congo.


The man who left MMA to fight slavery in Africa admits that his vision was a bit crazy. However, he headed to the Congo and has spent the past few years helping the Pygmy. Over 2,500 acres of land have been purchased by Wren to protect the people. 25 water wells exist in the region because of Wren’s hard work. On top of that, he’s working on various farming projects with three villages. His plans don’t stop there by any means.

Without a doubt, Justin Wren shows that life isn’t about fighting alone. We might love MMA, but real world problems exist outside of the cage, and they deserve our attention. Wren felt dissatisfied with his life and decided to change things. For obvious reasons, the Pygmy people are grateful for his mission, and he appears to genuinely love his new field of work.


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