This Knee On Belly Escape Moves You From Losing to Leglocks in 30 Seconds


For those of you chasing the elusive “honey hole” all the way to leg attack glory, here’s a novel way out of knee-on-belly that sets you up for all kinds of damage to your opponent’s lower half.

This technique comes to us courtesy of black belt Eli Knight at Three Rivers Martial Arts Academy in Kentucky. You’ll need to have advanced to the point of having a little dexterity with your feet in order to hook your partner’s knee and start this delicate pretzel dance of leg entanglement, but as long as you’ve got that programmed into your body the rest should flow pretty easily. Check out how Knight moves swiftly from bottom to surprise leg drag to the dominant position.

Interesting leg entanglement we found off of a knee on belly escape – I love this escape and use it a lot, gi and no-gi, but have usually only used it to set up a pass. @babatappa and I were really isolating it and found a nice entry to a leg drag and leg entanglement with just a little adjustment. Check it out. •#leglocks #kneeonbelly #jiujitsu #bjj #ashigarami #honeyhole #heelhook #nogi #knightjiujitsu

Posted by Eli Knight on Saturday, August 25, 2018



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