This Video Will Change How You And Your Children Eat

We are constantly being bombarded with food choices. There are fast food restaurants everywhere, and many of us work in an office that has a vending machine in it. Many people also sit and watch hours of Netflix when they get home. This modern sedentary lifestyle combined with bad food choices is creating problems for many of us. People are being diagnosed with serious health problems, such as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes at younger ages as the result of poor lifestyle choices. Some of us are also passing those unhealthy habits down to our children.

Every parent wants to everything in their power to ensure that their children live a long, healthy life. Sadly, many young people today are developing unhealthy habits. The good news is that Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Strong4Life has released a video that is designed to help people get back on the right track. This video illustrates the importance of eating healthy, engaging in regular physical activity and making positive choices. It also shows how the choices we make today can affect us later in the future.

The commercial is entitled Rewind The Future. The video follows a man who makes unhealthy choices throughout his entire life. In the video, the man also suffers a heart attack at the age of 32 as the result of the lifestyle choices that he has made. The man in the video was 5’9′ and weighed 300 pounds. The video also shows how many parents are setting their children up to make bad choices later in life by giving them junk food when they are still toddlers.

Despite the fact that the video is heartbreaking and terrifying, it definitely serves as a wake-up call to many people. Many people do not realize the dangers of their lifestyle choices.


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