Tom DeBlass Gives Up Nearly 100lbs & Wins Kasai Superfight Via Submission

Renzo Gracie’s Tom DeBlass overcame an incredible weight difference to win his superfight tonight at Kasai 6.

DeBlass faced off against Nick Caggia at the event, with the weigh-in showing them at 236 lbs and 329 lbs, respectively. Despite the size disparity, however, DeBlass once again proved his status as an elite grappler and was able to elevate Caggia and come away with the win via kneebar.

DeBlass, who has been talking about retiring from competition for a while now, said that this will be his last superfight.

In an emotional post following the match, DeBlass shared a photo of him embracing his young daughter, who presented him with the award for winning his bout.

“What a moment. The entire world was able to see me get emotional 😂. I was able to elevate big Nick and attack the knee bar and successfully finish the lock. I’m so thankful I was able to secure the submission without injuring him. Thank you Nick for taking this short notice, not many people would have. After my hand was raised I looked up and saw my daughter presenting me the award. I had no idea my kids would be here watching, and they literally are my world. When I saw her, I saw the most beautiful little girl in the world look me in the eyes, I couldn’t hold back tears. I guess I have some human in me after all. Thank you to everyone for the support. That’s it everyone, my last superfight. It ended perfectly.” 


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