Tonon: Grappling Pro Championship Match Against DJ Jackson Will Be ‘Different Kind Of Match-Up’

Garry “The Lion Killer” Tonon has met DJ Jackson on the mats before, but he feels their upcoming potential match-up at Grappling Pro Championship (GPC) will be different.

Not only does the multiple-time EBI and Worlds champion believe he has made improvements in his overall game, but he thinks GPC’s rule set – which he describes as “an interesting mix of freestyle wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and MMA” – will make for a different kind of match for both him and Jackson.

“These are completely different rules,” Tonon told FloGrappling. “There are points established, but there’s rounds, there’s push-out points. There’s some things going on in this rule set that have never been done before in the sport of grappling, so it’ll make for a different match-up for both of us, regardless, even if this was two years ago when both of us had relatively the same skill sets as we had back then.”

Still, Tonon is confident he will have his hand raised at the end of their potential five-round match.

“I think I’m going to win,” The Lion Killer said. “I always think I am going to win because if you don’t, you may as well not compete.”

Grappling Pro Championship goes down live, this Sunday, September 18.  Garry Tonon will square off against Hunter Ewald in the event’s first round, and DJ Jackson will take on Corey Brown.

You can watch the event live on FloGrappling.


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