UFC: Fight Night 58 Machida v Dollaway

I know I know, everything everywhere has been focused on CM Punk. I’m tired of hearing his name, seeing his face, hearing his voice. To be completely honest I’d like to take a break and talk about the here and now; not the ifs and maybes… While sensationalism is good for business; it brings in money, media, and a little mayhem. It also takes some limelight away from the heart of the game! Come on man! Machida vs Dolloway tonight looks like a good lineup of entertainment; we’ll see solid, legit skills being utilized. No pictures of Al Bundy from Married with Children with his hands down his pants challenging CM Punk, no awful videos of a pathetic CM Punk kick (was that his bad side? shaking. my. head.)! Just some hard working, blood and guts guys, giving it their all out there in the cage. What more can we possibly ask for? Gather up the gang, plan a night of merriment and fight fanaticism. And a little Brazil versus America doesn’t hurt either!
So tune in for a great card, and take a break from the hype…



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