Utah Jazz Player Rudy Gobert Is Learning Jiu-Jitsu In France

French basketball player Rudy Gobert has apparently decided to expand his athletic endeavors and is now trying his hand at jiu-jitsu.

The Utah Jazz athlete shared a post on social media revealing that he was learning some BJJ under third-degree black belt Samuel Monin in a private lesson at MK Team Paris. Gobert shared some photos of the experience:

Monin also remarked on his delight at being able to teach Gobert in a social media post of his own, saying in French, “What a pleasure to train an athlete of this level, we see the professionalism, and the capacity for learning, @ rudygobert27 ⛹️I will make you a monster !!! 🏀

Do not hesitate to take private lessons, it is the best way to take the next level!”

We’re not yet sure how far Gobert will take his jiu-jitsu career, but it’s always exciting to see athletes from other sports expand their learning to the mats. In fact, Shaquille O’Neal has also dabbled in grappling, even rolling with UFC veteran Forrest Griffin.


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