Victorious Return For Brock Lesnar, Defeats Hunt For Unanimous Decision

Watching Brock Lesnar take on Mark Hunt, you would not think that the pro-wrestler, former collegiate wrestler, and former UFC heavyweight champion had four years of ring rust.

But he did, and it didn’t seem to bother him one bit.

Though Mark Hunt took the center of the cage early and chased Brock around the perimeter, Lesnar’s wrestling was too much for the Samoan to handle.  Brock took Hunt down numerous times in the first round, viciously pounding on the downed Hunt and using his significantly bigger physique to grind Mark.

Lesnar looked a bit weak in Round 2, though.  The former champion plodded around the perimeter of the cage as Hunt peppered him with left jabs, obviously looking to set him up for a huge right.  Brock went for a couple of takedowns, but was stuffed, and was unable to do anything worthwhile.

However, when Round 3 started, Brock was back.  The pro-wrestler shot in for a single leg, pressing Hunt up against the cage and taking him down.

From this point on, the Samoan was doomed.  Brock rained down heavy left hooks and ground his elbows into Hunt’s bloodied face.  To Hunt’s credit, he kept going, trying to fight back with some hooks of his own.  But unable to get himself back onto his feet, the judges had no choice but to award the victory to Lesnar.

Brock is back, ladies and gentlemen!

Official decision: Brock Lesnar def. Mark Hunt via Unanimous Decision


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