VIDEO: Dana White At The RNC: “Donald Trump is a fighter!”

UFC President Dana White knows a thing or two about promoting fights. And when he took the stage at the Republican National Convention (RNC), that is exactly what he wanted to do – promote a fight.

Sure there were no gloves, no cage, and no worries about when and if any of the combatants would be caught using PED’s, but it was a fight far dirtier than the fights the UFC’s “Bald Father” is used to promoting.

It was a political fight.

White is a Donald Trump supporter, and at the convention, the UFC’s head honcho sang praises for “The Donald” that even fighters like Silva, Rousey, and GSP weren’t good enough to receive during their heydays.

White detailed how Trump was the first man to recognize the potential of the UFC and how Donald hosted the first two of the promotion’s events at his venues.  He said Trump even took a front row seat at the first event.

But it wasn’t only his business White claimed Trump would help.  It was all businesses, large and small.

White ended his speech with more passion than he had ever used to promote any of his events, saying that Donald Trump was “a fighter, and I know he will fight for this country!”

You can watch Dana White’s speech in its entirety below.


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