Video For Heavy Metal Song “Fight Like Hell” Puts BJJ Front And Center

Given the number of heavy metal artists who practice BJJ, it’s clear that there’s something that connects jiu-jitsu and metal music. In fact, one metal singer even got promoted to blue belt on stage a couple weeks ago.

Now, a Portland-based band called Ligature Marks has released a song called “Fight Like Hell,” and the video strongly features jiu-jitsu throughout. This isn’t a case of a know-nothing artist just capitalizing on the “cool” factor of martial arts, either — the band members really do jiu-jitsu, and the band is sponsored by a lot of BJJ brands, including Phalanx, Monkey Tape, and Newaza Apparel. Even cooler, the band combined their video release event with an open mat that encouraged even newbies to get on the mats and roll for the first time.

Whether you’re a die-hard metalhead or are just super pumped to see jiu-jitsu in the spotlight, check out the video for “Fight Like Hell” below:


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