Video: Paul Vunak Tells a Story of a Rickson Accepting a Gracie Challenge Fight

Paul Vunak is a pioneer in the martial arts and self-defense world. He was one of the first Americans to train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with the Gracies. Not only is Vunak a life-long student of Dan Inosanto’s, Vunak has also incorporated the Filipino art of biting, called Kinamotay (or Kino Mutai), into his Jeet Kune Do fusion (called Progressive Fighting Systems). In addition, Vunak has trained Seal Team Six. Hear him share one of his favorite Rickson Gracie stories in this short video.

In the story, a large Japanese fighter who outweighed Rickson showed up at Rickson’s school and challenged him to a fight. One of Rickson’s students called Rickson and he appeared at the school 10 minutes later in high underwear to answer the challenge. Vunak adds great detail to the story and highlights of Rickson being an alpha male and bad ass. No word if Rickson won by arm bar though.


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