Video Shows UFC Legend Don Frye Punching Fan At UFC 270

UFC Hall of Famer Don Frye was in attendance at UFC 270 and was caught on video punching a fan in the face.

The video seems to show Frye and an unidentified man being separated by other fans before shaking hands. It is unclear what happens following the handshake, but the fan seems to get in Frye’s face, leading to Frye snapping a shirt right hand, showcasing the 56-year old’s hand speed. 

Frye told TMZ Sports that the guy challenged him to a fight. There are other reports that the fan touched Frye’s cowboy hat. Needless to say, either of those actions are probably a bad idea unless you are a judo black belt, division I wrestler, and professional boxer like the 2-time UFC tournament winner.

Frye hasn’t been charged for the incident, and the video shows him being ushered to watch the rest of the event from another area.


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