We Now Have 2-on-2 MMA Fights in a Cage with Obstacles

Arena Combat made their 2-on-2 MMA fight card debut on September 26th at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. That is right. We now have 2-on-2 MMA fights. Rather than holding the fights in a traditional cage, the two teams square off in a large enclosed paintball like course with padded obstacles. The combatants also wear head gear for their matches. The promotion’s concept initially launched in Europe where it was televised and is now making its a stateside debut.

Here are the interesting rules for the fights:

  • Fighters will fight within set weight classes.
  • Each 2-on-2 Arena Combat contest is to be 3 rounds, each round no more than 2 minutes in duration, and with a rest period of 90 seconds between each round.
  • In 2-on-2 competition, the team is awarded victory:
    – If both fighters from an opponents team are knocked out.
    – If the team successfully submits both opponents with joint locks/chokeholds.
    – If the team outpoints their opponents (if teams are equal on points, the additional 3 minutes round takes place).
  • Points are scored through takedowns, strikes, knock downs, and flurries

Below is an image from the event in Myrtle Beach.


Here is a full match from the Russian version of the show

Here is a preview Vlog for the USA version of Arena Combat


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