What Happens When UFC Fighters Takes On An Experienced Marines

UFC fighters are among some of the strongest, most athletic, and outright toughest men on the planet. As tough and resilient as UFC fighters are, they are tougher men still. These tougher men are members of the Marine Corps.

Recently, a group of UFC fighters comprised of Forrest Griffin, Dana White, Brian Stann, and Rashad Evans among others, visited the Marine Corps martial arts center to face off with members of the Marine Corps. The group of UFC fighters was quickly overwhelmed by the fitter, stronger and in many ways more skilled members of the Marine Corps were able to overwhelm them with a fair amount of ease.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


    • hey bud,

      we don’t get shot at for the money. We get shot at to keep this beautiful country safe and to protect those we love. Have a nice day.


      • No disrespect meant, and I do not have a problem with a military used wisely, but how is the military keeping us safe and free fighting goat herders 6,000 miles away? These people will never make it hete., unless our govt. let’s them in the country. I don’t buy the brainwashed, fighting for freedom baloney, the govt. is feeding people. It is simply not true

        • Cameron, open your eyes. They are here and they are influencing others to kill Americans. These “goat herders” are doing everything they can to bring death and destruction to western civilization. If we do not fight 6000 miles away then it’s only a matter of time before another Pearl Harbor or 9-11 happens. You just want to let the fight come to us, or even worse, ignore the obiviois and pretend nothing is wrong.

      • Thank you Charles for your service to our country. You are awesome! My brother served in the Marines in Vietnam. Our family is so proud of him.

    • Maybe you should join my beloved Corps and then maybe you’ll get the same training I did and see what training for combat and training for a recreational sport does to you. You should walk in someone’s else shoes before down talking about them you nasty civilian. OOHRAH AND SEMPER FUCKING FI NUMB NUTS.

      • Combat veterans get tapped out everyday when then join a jiu jitsu school. The good thing about Jiu Jitsu is that it has been shown to help veterans dealing with PTSD. Recreational or not it is more effective for hand to hand training.

        • Thanks Kirsten for your word of motivation for 2012 I enjoy every thought that pop up on my mail and all the stories you posted on your blog moved me. MAY God bless you and your family with many more years to come. Take care because today i hit the long warm road to my homeland…smilling

        • ordinarysparrow Hope your holiday reflects and multiplies the richness, fullness, and giftedness that expresses through you and your writing….As i read this sharing, life in full embrace rose up into a holy tremble…the full embrace is so precious. As always, thanks for you Dr. E…. “And when you think about it, poets always want us to be moved by something, until in the end, you begin to suspect that a poet is someone who is moved by everything, who just stands in front of the world and weeps and laughs and laughs and weeps . . . ” Mary Ruefle

        • I loved your imagined response to the “My fifteen-year-old just didn’t have anything left to do!” I’m 41 myself, and there are plenty of things to do, read, explore, discover. But with two elementary-aged children I homeschool, my opportunities are, at this moment, straitened. Maybe I’ll take a gap year when I’m fifty!

        • I desire you were being right in regards to the admin staying set in an uncomfortable situation! Unfortunately, as we see day in and day out, the push willingly accepts the incomprehensible gibberish that passes for an explanation by these fools rather then becoming laughed from the nationwide stage, as they ought to be. It certainly is pathetic…

    • AnonymDet är inget fel att ha belÃ¥ning och växa genom investeringar men för AOILs del sÃ¥ tror jag att det handlar mer om produktionskostnader och underhÃ¥llsinvesteringar. Med andra ord AOIL är inte lika lönsam som den ser ut och bolaget är konstand behov av nya pengar för att kunna överleva.

  1. This is clearly an experienced Journalists…You mouth breathers didn’t dismiss this article after the headline? So clearly there are multiple UFC fighters but I’m unclear if there is one Marine or multiple Marines.

  2. I’m guessing they will fail at putting a proper title on a blog post with proper use of plurals and singulars. Or maybe it’s just the editor that sucks…

  3. These are NOT your average Marines at all. All these guys are instructors @ Quantico, most/all of them having a decent amount of experience OUTSIDE of MCMAP.

    The most athletic Infantry Marine more than likely couldn’t show you how to Upa or even properly setup a triangle choke. I’ve met only a handful of guys i served with that had martial arts experience or went off base after hours and trained, generally, these guys were usually solid blue belts at best.

    80% of MCMAP techniques are laughable and more time should be spent on grappling or drilling proper strikes, IMO. But not enough thought or effort is usually invested into it by your command.

  4. in a bar fight the average mma fighter, judoka, jiu jitsuka, muy thai boxer, boxer, would walk through the average marine, soldier, sailor, or airmen. The military are not deities or unstoppable killing machines, they are normal men and women who enlist to keep things safe and secure. There is a reason why an enlisted with combat experience still gets choked out by a 3 stripe white belt his/her first time on the mat. They are trained to keep things secure and drill and occasionally they do a hand to hand activity but their techniques are weak and a lot of instructors get there “belts” after putting in a 40 hour week of class. It builds confidence in the military’s men and women but they aren’t grinding it out on a mat or in a ring 3 to 5 times a weeks with high level instructors. Much respect to the military but there is a reason that they don’t walk off the battlefield and into a championship fight.

  5. Being an active duty Marine, and one that trains Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Boxing, I can tell you that MCMAP at a basic level (meaning the level that most Marines are currently learning it) WILL NOT WORK in a street fight. It won’t work in a street fight, it won’t work on the mats in a real gym, it won’t even work in most combat situations. But, I will say that the MCMAP Program has come a long way and it is still not done growing and evolving. The skills learned can be useful when practiced consistently, and implemented in a realistic manner. Sadly, most MAI (Martial Arts Instructors) do not care enough to force their Marines to seek personal development between belt levels, and they basically put together 3 week long crash courses for Marines to belt up. Its all about being able to say “Well, I trained 10 black belts in the last year” Yeah, that will look good on a FITREP, but not in a fight. Could you even imagine a student walking into your gym wearing a Gi for the very first time, and then three weeks later, becoming a blue belt? MCMAP is flawed in the fact that it is not practiced in a disciplined and consistent manner, and it ultimately fails the Marines learning it because it creates false confidence which, as all Marines know, can get them killed. However, I will saw that the Marines shown in those videos are amazing. They have the properties which could make them skilled and gifted fighters outside of the Marine Corps, but I am willing to guess that they put our Corps and Country first for a reason. Overall, we should all be grateful that we have Marines willing to try to pass down a love of martial arts, and a warriors ethos mentality to the next generations of Marines. We need more kill and less drill in our lives as active duty Marines in the modern day.

  6. Well the clickbait-y title worked and got everyone in the comments goin off on the old “who’s tougher soldiers or UFC fighters” question. Basically what these videos show are Marines doing better at the combat-based training scenarios (i.e. fighting in snowy woods with sticks, obstacle courses, etc) that they are trained for, and UFC vets having superior MMA techniques (cause duh, that’s what they train for). Wow, big surprise. These are cool videos and so much respect to all the people involved, but this is not UFC fighters “taking on” Marines, no one is “taking on” anyone in this series, they are doing Marines training routines, then training some submissions, there’s no apples to apples comparison whatsoever. Not hating on the article, it’s awesome to see this stuff.


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