World Pro Champion Purple Belt Ronaldo Silva Out Of ICU Following Stroke

Recent UAEJJF World Pro champion Ronaldo Silva suffered a stroke during training this past Monday night. Today, The Jiu-Jitsu Times is happy to report that the Purple Belt is in stable condition and has been moved out of the ICU.

An update from the Dream Art Project via Instagram stated that Silva’s left side has retained good circulation but is currently at a “complete motor deficit.” They are now focusing on recovery as well as isolating the cause. The stroke occurred during what the Dream Art Project described as a “simple grip exercise on the bar.” Their full statement can be read below.

Good morning everyone.

Brief update:

Ronaldo maintained the condition without cerebral swelling, with all vital signs stable, blood flow restored and normalized, circulation of the left side constant (but still with total motor deficit) and good autonomy to feed. And with that he was fortunately high in the ICU and is transferring to a hospital bed. Now the recovery work is intensifying and the search for causes that include heart valve disease, vasculitis, propensity for the formation of clots, among others.

It will now pass by resonance examination, echocardiogram (electro had normalized result, as before), and cerebrospinal fluid. Another good news is that his family from Manaus has already met since yesterday in SP and Ronaldo can spend Sunday with his beloved mother (and his 7-month-old sister who is his face).

We are happy, but we remain cautious and focused. The fight continues and in this we are all very good.

We take great pleasure in thanking all the messages and the chain of good that has been formed. Ronaldo will need this affection.

We are Ronaldo

This Injury comes right off the heels of Silva’s championship win at the UAE World Pro and subsequent second place finish at CBJJ Brasileiro. The Jiu-Jitsu Times will continue to provide updates on his recovery.


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