15-Year-Old Student Chokes Police Officer In Australia

Footage has been released showing an unnamed teenage student choking a police officer from closed guard during an altercation that occurred last month at a Gold Coast, Queensland high school.

It all started when police were called to Merrimac High School over a traffic incident, and as they departed, a group of teenagers yelled “vile abuse” at them, according to 7 News. When the officers began to reprimand one of the boys, he walked away, and the officer grabbed him by the arm. A scuffle ensued, leading to the pair ending up on the ground with the officer being choked from inside the student’s closed guard. The student was ultimately charged with obstructing a police officer and assault.

The incident is one of many recently depicted in the news that has shown how knowledge of martial arts (and grappling in particular) can potentially impact the outcome of police-suspect interactions.

Watch the footage of the incident and the news report below:

Police officer choked at Coast high school

Disturbing video has emerged of the moment a policeman was put in a choke hold at a local high school. www.7NEWS.com.au#7NEWS

Posted by 7NEWS Gold Coast on Wednesday, July 24, 2019


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