The 3 Best Judo Sacrifice Throws For BJJ

Sacrifice throws are takedowns that involve the thrower using his own bodyweight and “sacrificing” his own balance to take the opponent to the mat.

This category of judo takedowns is especially well suited to the strategies of sports BJJ, where competitors want to get the fight to the ground and also have a chance to get the two points for the takedown.

Here are the best 3 best sacrifice throws from judo for BJJ.

Tani Otoshi

Judo Olympian Matt D’Aquino demonstrates the tani otoshi, which is especially effective when you have the opponent’s back while standing.

Tomoe Nage

Judo legend Koga shows how to use the grand daddy of sacrifice throws, the tomoe nage. This is super useful when combined with the treat of pulling guard in BJJ.

Sumi Gaeshi

USA Judo Olympian and BJJ black belt Travis Stevens shows one of the very best sacrifice throws for BJJ guys, the sumi gaeshi. This one is similar in mechanics to the reverse butterfly sweep on the ground.


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