3 Passes For Da La Riva

At one time, Ricardo De la Riva was said to have the best guard in Brazil. De la Riva developed his eponymous (look it up mat rat!) guard to defend the monster pressure passers at the legendary Carlson Gracie Academy.

The DLR guard is very difficult to pass against a skilled player; but today, the Jiu-Jitsu Times is going to teach you three moves that will make passing that guard a little bit easier.

Here they are, in no special order:

Knee Switch Pass

This is a beautiful technique by 10th Planet and Gracie Barra black belt Brent Littell!

Marcelo Garcia Shutting Down De La Riva/Berimbolo Counter

Known as the “long step” pass, this is a great technique to pass DLR guard and avoid the berimbolo threat.

Leg Drag To The Back With JT Torres

This is a high percentage pass that combines well with the knee cut and leads directly to an attack on your opponent’s back.

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