4 Marcelo Garcia Back Takes

With all due respect to the Danaher Death Squad, Marcelo Garcia is widely considered to be the best back taker in BJJ.

Even though his opponents know what he is going to try, they are often unable to stop him. I heard one BJJ guy say that Garcia’s BJJ game is based around a few key positions, but he has a thousand routes to get to those positions.

Here are four of Marcelo’s favorite back takes. Be like Marcelo!

Seat Belt Control, Taking the Back, Rear Naked Choke

This back take is called by some the “Garcia Roll” as Marcelo anticipates his opponent’s roll and leaps ahead of him. Brilliant!

X-Guard To The Back

Marcelo loves to play the XGuard, and of course he has a back take from that position.

Side Control Crucifix To Back

A signature of Garcia’s game is his love for the crucifix.

Arm Drag To The Back From Butterfly Guard

Garcia plays the seated butterfly guard and this is one of his key threats from there.

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