5 Great Gi-Only Techniques

Yes, I know I just wrote an article on making your jiu-jitsu “universal,” but the majority of the time at our BJJ academy, we are training in the gi. I prefer training in the gi because of al the awesome variations the kimono affords.

I love collar chokes! When I train no-gi, I miss my collar chokes more than “the one that got away” in college.

As black belt Stephan Kesting says, “A gi solution to a gi problem” is perfectly acceptable when an opponent is using their own gi grips in the roll.

For those traditional Brazilian jiu-jitsu enthusiasts, here are five gi-only techniques that the no-gi guys hate to deal with!

1) Lasso guard

Lasso Guard Biceps Sweep with Kris Kim

2) Brabo choke

Stephan Kesting from Grapplearts on How To Do the Brabo Choke In The Gi

3) Clock choke

JT Torres teaches the clock choke

4) Spider guard sweep

I asked spider guard master Romulo Barral about a no-gi variation of spider guard and he said flatly “No”. He uses a different guard in no-gi.

5) Ezekiel choke

You might also call this the “Sleeve Choke”. This choke is versatile and can even be attacked from inside your opponent’s guard!

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