The 5 Most Important No-Gi Chokes

Which chokes can BJJ guys use in both gi and no-gi?

All no-gi chokes are widely used in gi BJJ, submission grappling, and MMA. ‘

In this video list, I am going to skip the rear naked choke (and save that for another article) and show the 5 best no-gi chokes.

The D’Arce Choke (aka the No Gi Brabo Choke)

If you have longer arms, this choke is for you! You can hit the D’arce choke from top, bottom, or even standing (as we have witnessed by Dustin Poirier in the UFC)

Marcelo Garcia – Anaconda Choke With 3 Variations

The Anaconda is the reverse of the D’arce choke. That is to say, the “knot” of the arms is on the opposite side of the opponent’s neck.

Andre Pederneiras teaches Katagatame (head/arm choke)

Nova Uniao fighters are known for their dangerous head and arm choke. Head coach Andre Pederneiras shows us how.

Guillotine choke

There are many variations on the guillotine choke but the old school still works!

Robert Drysdale – North-South choke

The secret to this is to slide your body OFF of the opponent to tighten the choke.

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