5 Spider Guard Videos

If you do jiu-jitsu in the kimono, you have no doubt encountered a strong spider guard player who has controlled your sleeves, had feet like an extra pair of hands, and swept you repeatedly.

Spider guard is a strong guard style and it is worth learning the grips, sweeps, and submissions necessary to make it one of the most dangerous moves in your arsenal.

Today, Jiu-Jitsu Times brings you some basic and more advanced techniques from the spider guard.


Old school BJJ player, Mauricio “Tinguinha” Mariano, is credited with being one of the first top guys to develop the spider guard.

In these two videos, “Tinguinha” shows us important details about the grips and footwork necessary for a proper spider guard.

Here is a video from MMA Leech on the first spider guard you should learn.


Time to sweep and attack with the spider guard’s most dangerous submission – the triangle.

Here, Yongsan BJJ’s Kris Kim shows three sweeps and a triangle from spider guard.

In this video, multiple-time World champion and ADCC champion Romulo Barral shows us his signature spider guard.  Note his same side collar grip.

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