This Wall Flip Escape Will Come In Handy During An MMA Fight Or Street Fight

The wall flip escape isn’t allowed in most Brazilian jiu-jitsu gyms. Not only do most schools forgo training them because there are no walls in BJJ tournaments, but most instructors don’t want you scuffing up their walls with your dirty feet.

MMA fights, however, do have walls (technically a cage, but same idea). Street fights sometimes happen in places with walls, too. For these reasons, it’s good to know how to use the wall to your advantage.

In this video, Grapplearts founder Stephan Kesting shows viewers a simple “wall flip” escape from side mount. Considering side mount is one of the hardest places to escape from, and therefore on of the last places you want to be in a situation where your opponent can hit you and break your limbs, this is worth adding to your grappling arsenal.


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