ACB JJ 10: Paulo Miyao Retains As Featherweight Champion; Joao Rocha Becomes New Heavyweight Champion

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ACB JJ 10 was a star studded event that featured some of the top names in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and was topped by two championship matches.

Though it got off to an extremely late start — beginning almost an hour and a half after its scheduled time — the card was worth the wait.

Here are the results.

Joao Rocha is the new ACB JJ Heavyweight Champion (points).

Joao Rocha is the new ACB JJ Heavyweight Champion of the world, winning the title from Luiz Panza.

Rocha started out the match with a ippon seoi nagi, scoring himself an early two points. From there, he ended up on Panza’s back and tried to get his hooks in, but Panza shook him off. Rocha tried to lock in an armbar, but couldn’t get anything. Panza escaped. Rocha ended up in Panza’s guard. Panza went for a kneebar, but Rocha just shook his head and pulled out.

Panza pulled guard immediately in the second, earning Rocha two points. Again, he went for a the leg, and again Rocha just shook his head. Rocha worked to take the back but Panza held onto his leg and managed to bring the match back to a 50-50 fight. For the rest of the round, the two were at a stalemate.

Round 3, and again Panza pulled guard, helping Rocha get two points. Panza held the leg and kept the match a standstill while he attempted a foot lock.

Surprisingly, Panza took a whole minute before pulling guard in Round 4. Rocha tried to take the back but Panza held onto the leg. The round ended as a draw with Rocha trying to pass Panza’s guard.

With three rounds in the favor of his opponent, Panza must have known he needed a submission here. Panza looked like he was going for a takedown but instead went to his usual guard pulling game. At one point, Panza looked like he could have taken the match, locking in a tight toehold. Rocha, however, escaped, going back into Panza guard, and then passing to earn himself three points in the last 15 seconds of the round.

Paulo Miyao def. Augusto Mendes (points)

Paulo Miyao is still the ACB JJ Featherweight Champion!

Paulo took on UFC fighter and IBJJF Champion Augusto Mendes, dominating him with with sweeps and his impenetrable guard.

Round 1 saw Mendes shoot in for a double. Paulo, however, pulled guard. Miyao then played lasso guard before trying to get a top position, Paulo scored two points via a sweep. The two went to 50-50 and Mendes spent the rest of the round fighting for a sweep, which he didn’t get.

Round 2 told the same story. Again, Mendes shot in for a double, but landed in Miyao’s guard. Augusto then spent the majority of the round trying to pass guard, but Paulo fought him off with a mix of lasso and Z guard. With a minute left, Miyao scored another two points with a sweep, and Mendes spent the rest of the round trying to get a sweep, which, again, he couldn’t get.

Things went a little differently in Round 3. Miyao pulled guard and then went for a berimbolo. From there, he took the back and spent the majority of the round riding Mendes. Augusto could do little more than cover his neck and try futilely to roll his way out. In the last ten seconds, Miyao went for an armbar, but didn’t have enough time to lock it in.

Round 4 and again Mendes found himself in Miyao’s guard. Augusto was able to score himself some points for the first time in the entire match, but Paulo caught up three minutes in with a sweep. He then went up by another two points with a berimbolo to the back. From there, he locked in a body triangle and rode Mendes, again trying to finish off the round with an armbar.

Paulo sat down immediately in Round 5, obviously knowing that all he had to do was survive in order to retain his title. The referee stood them up, but again Paulo sat to guard. Again, Mendes tried to pass, but after four rounds of failing to get by Miyao, he must have felt it was a lost cause, even though he was up by two points. With a minute left, Paulo tied the match 2-2. Mendes tried to get a sweep in the last ten seconds, but even if he had succeeded, it wouldn’t have been enough.

Before the result was even announced, there was no question that Paulo Miyao had successfully retained his title.

Marcus Almeida def. Mahamed Aly (points)
Leandro Lo def. Otavio Sousa (points)
Lucas Lepri def Marcio Andre (bow and arrow)
Adam Wardzinski def Erberth Santos (Erberth tapped)
Patrick Gaudio def. Claudio Calasans (points)
Romulo Barral def. Arnaldo Maidanav (cross choke from mount)
Yuri Simoes def. Abdurakhman Bilarov (unanimous decision)
Rudson Mateus def. Braulio Estima (unanimous decision)
Lucas Rocha def. Rodrigo Caporal (points)
Gabriel Lucas def. Ricardo Evangelista (points)
Luan Carvalho def. Marcelo Mafra (points)
Igor Silva def. Rodrigo Cavaca (bow and arrow choke)
Thiago Sa def.Josh Hinger (points)
Osvaldo Moizinho def. Nicollas Welker (omoplata)
Mikey Musumeci def. Rafael Barata (foot lock)


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